The lecture notes below came from my Tuesday, Thursday Political Science 102 course, Spring Semester 1999. I scanned the transcripts into my computer without any corrections. I hope they help you with your studying. Please do all you can to ignore my choppy sentences, my poor grammatical structure as well as any missing words. During the Fall Semester 1999, one of my Online Students condensed the notes and did some grammatical corrections--thanks Lynnne. These notes are linked to the flashing button. Since for some reason the notes on Civil liberties were not completed in 1999, I added those from the Fall, 2000, Monday, Wednesday class. In 2008, I taped a few of my lectures for those masocistic enough to want to see me in action.

January 26: Day 2 of Orientation to the Course and What is Politics?
January 26 & 28, 2009: Orientation to the Course & Some Info on Pearson Online Site

September 8, 2009: Learn how to register on Pearson site to read the free O'Connor and Sabato textbook plus get other goodies
January 28: What is politics?
September 16, 2008:  Video Lecture on What is Politics? Part II + Info on doing Interfaces for essay I
February 2: Who Rules?
September 18, 2008: Video Lecture on Who Rules? Part I
February 4: Who Rules--Who Makes Policy?

September 23, 2008: Video Lecture on Who Rules? Part II + Interfaces for Essay I, Part 1
February 9: Political Chart + Fascism & Marxism
September 25, 2008:
Video Lecture on Interfaces for Essay I, Part II
February 11: True Believers
September 30, 2008:
Video Lecture on True Believers
February 16: Governments, Political Structures
February 18: Theories of Democracy
February 23: Theories of Democracy, 2
February 25: Indirect & Direct Democracy
March 2: Equality & Liberty, Minority & Majority Rights
March 9: Civil Liberties: What it Means!
2000: October 10: Civil Liberties, Lecture #1
2000: October 16: Civil Liberties, Lecture #2
2000: October 18: Civil Liberties #3 & 6 Rules for Writing Essays
2000: October 23: Civil Liberties Lecture #4 & Review for Mid-Term
March 30: Review for Mid-Term
April 6: The Media
April 15: Voting Questionnaire
April 20: Our Two Party System
April 27: The Presidency
May 4: The Executive Agencies & Congress
May 6: How a Bill Becomes a Law
May 18: The Judicial System
May 20: Review For Final exam