Ohlone College
Fall 2009
Political Science 102
Instructor: Alan M. Kirshner, Ph. D.

MP3 Recordings

Directions: Please feel free to download any or all of the MP3 recordings below. However, please note that streaming it directly from the internet is frowned upon! You can do so by:
  1. PC Users: Go to the date that you wish to download, right click and select "Save Target As", then select your desktop.
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"Introductions, Continued" & "What is Politics?, Part 1"
"What is Politics?, Part 2"
"What is Politics?, Part 3"
"Who Rules?, Part 1"
"Who Roles?, Part 2" & "Left, Right, and Center"
"Placement on the Chart"
"Those Not On the Chart"
"True Believers" & "Forms of Government"
"Introduction to Democracy"
"Democracy, Reverse Discrimination, and Affirmative Action"
"California's Direct Democracy"
"How to write an Essay" & "Civil Liberties & Civil Rights, Part I".

"Court Interpretations", "Civil Liberties & Civil Rights, Part 2", "Bill of Rights", and "Short Review for Exam"
"The Media"
"Going over the exam" & "Voting and Elections"
"Going over the Chart"
"Two Party System"
"Power and Politics" & "Presidential Power, Part I"
"Presidential Power, Part II"
"Mr. Rooney goes to Washington"
"Executive Agencies"
"How a Bill become a law"
December 07, 2009
"Last Minute Reviews"

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