I do not expect many people to come to this site, so you are especially welcome. Candidly, who wants to look at someone elses ancestors. After my mother, Helen S. Berman, died in 1993 (my father, Morris N. Kirshner, passed away in 1987) I decided to create a small book of photographs of my relatives that I found in her boxes. The other day I had this compulsion to continue their immortality by creating this website. Perhaps it was my fears of my own immortality that brought on this project. So, your being here helps me continue their existence and mine.

If you click on any of the pages below you will be able too view them in a much large format.

My great grandparents from Zerdovah, Poland.

My father's mother, aunts and cousins.

My father's father (Louis), mother(Minnie) and sister Rose c.1920.

My mother's family--The Berman's + my mother
Helen c.1918.

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